Reasons for Parking Lot Catch Basin Repair in Mississauga

It’s important to keep parking lot catch basins in good repair so Mississauga businesses and residents can avoid flooding.

Types of Catch Basin Damage

A catch basin is the drainage system the collects melting snow and rain, draining it to prevent flooding in parking lots. There are many reasons why a catch basin may not be working properly, many of them may not be apparent to the untrained eye.

1) A broken or leaking intake or outtake pipe in the basin may cause damage. That leaking pipe causes water to leak into the soil and soften the asphalt surrounding it. This can cause erosion and, eventually, cracking, around the catch basin.

2) If water is leaking from the catch basin and into the parking lot, that water may freeze when winter arrives. The expanding water can cause serious cracking and erosion, especially in Mississauga and the GTA where winters include multiple freeze and thaw cycles.

3) Older catch basins may contain out-of-date materials, like bricks and mortar. Over time, salt and water leach into the mortar, weakening it and causing the bricks to crumble. This causes the catch basin to collapse inward over time. In this case, the parking lot will need a new catch basin, preferable made of pre-cast, steel-reinforced concrete modular units or other strong, modern materials. An experienced parking lot catch basin repair service should be able to perform this repair with minimal disruption to businesses and residents.

4) Another common catch basin problem is incorrect installation. The parking lot around the catch basin may not be level or erosion may have caused the catch basin to sink over time.  When buying a property, it’s important to include catch basin inspection in any pre-purchase home or property inspection to ensure there is no visible damage that will need immediate repair when you take possession of the property.

Proper Parking Lot Catch Basin Maintenance

Regular visual inspections are a must to keep Mississauga parking lot catch basins in optimal condition. Taking care of minor cracks, small holes, sinking, and any general asphalt deterioration can prevent major repairs later. Look for any potholes or sloping that directs water away from the catch basin. This can cause serious flooding if not repaired and in turn, compromises the longevity of your asphalt.

The area around a catch basin should always be cleared before heavy rain or snow is expected so water can drain properly.

It’s important to have the catch basin repaired immediately when damage is noticed. If there is heavy damage to the asphalt around the catch basin or it begins to sink, it may need to be repaved. Taking care of this damage is less costly and less time-consuming than removing and replacing the catch basin itself.

By monitoring any catch basins in your parking lot, you can avoid major damage and flooding. If a parking lot catch basin needs repairs, call an experienced Mississauga asphalt repair service as quickly as possible to keep your damage to a minimum. Ensure that they inspect your catch basin to find the root problem, and that they offer warranty on their work. Protect your wallet and your parking lot with Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. With over 25 years of experience, we have the confidence to offer industry leading warranty on our catch basin repairs. 

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